Blackveil\Der Pfad der Schatten, englische Ausgabe - Britain, Kristen

Blackveil\Der Pfad der Schatten, englische Ausgabe

Book Four of Green Rider

Kristen Britain 

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Blackveil\Der Pfad der Schatten, englische Ausgabe

The long-awaited sequel to Green Rider, First Rider's Call, and The High King's Tomb .
Once a simple student, Karigan G'ladheon finds herself in a world of deadly danger and complex magic, compelled by forces she cannot understand when she becomes a legendary Green Rider-one of the magical messengers of the king. Forced by magic to accept a dangerous fate she would never have chosen, headstrong Karigan has become completely devoted to the king and her fellow Riders.
But now, an insurrection led by dark magicians threatens to break the boundaries of ancient, evil Blackveil Forest-releasing powerful dark magics that have been shut away for a millennium.


  • Verlag: Penguin Us; Daw Books
  • 2011
  • Ausstattung/Bilder: 2011. 672 p. 238 mm
  • Seitenzahl: 672
  • Green Rider Vol.4
  • Englisch
  • Gewicht: 936g
  • ISBN-13: 9780756406608
  • ISBN-10: 0756406609
  • Best.Nr.: 31203905
Kristen Britain lives in a log cabin in Maine where she writes full time and pursues interests reading, guitar playing, and cartoon illustration. She enjoys exploring the magical places around her and can often be found paddling a canoe in stillwater, ambling through the woods to mountain summits, or sitting along the rocky shore listening, watching, and daydreaming.