Black Crescent - Gomez, Michael A.

Black Crescent

The Experience and Legacy of African Muslims in the Americas

Michael A. Gomez 

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Black Crescent

This book is a social history of the experiences of African Muslims and their descendants throughout the Americas, including the Caribbean. The record under slavery is examined, as is the post-slavery period into the twentieth century, looking at the emergence of Islam among the African-descended in the United States.


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Michael A. Gomez is Professor of History at New York University. His research, teaching interests, and publications include the African diaspora, Islam, and West African history. He currently serves as director of the Association for the Study of the Worldwide African Diaspora.

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1. Ladinos, Gelofes and Mandingas
2. Caribbean crescent
3. Brazilian sambas
4. Muslims in New York
5. Founding mothers and fathers of a different sort: African Muslims in the Early North American South
Interlude. In a Glass darkly - elisive communities
6. Breaking away - noble Drew Ali and the foundations of contemporary Islam in African America
7. The nation
8. Malcolm
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