A Dynamic Compiler for an Embedded Java Virtual Machine

Sami Zhioua 

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A Dynamic Compiler for an Embedded Java Virtual Machine

In recent years, embedded systems such as Cell
phones and Personal Organizers have taken an
important place in our business and private lives. A
growing interest in the development of applications
that can run on different sorts of devices has
emerged. Java, thanks to its platform independent
bytecode, becomes rapidly an obvious choice for such
applications. However, as in standard systems
(desktop and server), the major limit of Java in
embedded systems remains its slow performance.

This book discusses techniques to improve Java
performance in embedded systems. It starts by a
description of Java optimization techniques in
standard platforms, in particular dynamic (or Just-
In-Time) compilation. Then, it details Java
optimization approaches specific to embedded
systems. The second part of the book is a detailed
illustration of the design and implementation of a
very lightweight dynamic compiler upon an embedded
Java virtual machine, the Kilo Virtual Machine
(KVM). The improved Java virtual machine (called E-
Bunny) outperformed the standard KVM by a factor of
4 (400%).


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Sami Zhioua holds a B.Sc. degree from University of Tunis, Tunisia, and an M.Sc. and a Ph.D. degrees from Laval University, Canada, all in computer science. In January 2008, he joined the computer science department of McGill University, Canada, as a postdoctoral research fellow.
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